West Brisbane

Pavilion Sizes

Pavilion Size – 6.0m x 5.0m Pole to Pole with 7.5m x 6.5m Grass Line with square 200x200mm Square Cyprus Pine Posts and laminated beams to support span without the need for extra poles. Roof Area = 66sqm

1.  Child proof totally lockable stylish pavilion to relax and entertain in
2.  Stud wall returned at one end for kitchen area
3.  Bi-fold and stacker lockable doors


Remove existing unstable deck and ineffective shade by covering and replacing it with large pavilion. The pavilion is suitable for kitchen, bi-fold and stacker lockable doors, and we have increased the deck to the pool edge with stair access to a rear grassed area. It includes pool fencing within timber poles with top and bottom rails to ensure child safe pool area. There is a deck under the pavilion to the pool which is extended at the rear by approximately 80sqm. Featuring a treated pine substructure on galvanised stirrups set in concrete, with a Merbau hardwood top (hand drilled and hand nailed) finished with 3 coats of Sikkens Oil.
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